Megamobiliario at the Natura exhibition: discover the fusion of craftsmanship, design and sustainability.

We are very happy!

Two of the iconic pieces from Megamobiliario's CREA collection will be present in the exhibition "Natura, towards a greener future" at the CLC ARTE Gallery (Calle de En Sala, 6, Valencia), an exhibition that brings together artists committed to the environment. The exhibition opens on 11 April and will be open until 11 May.


CLC ARTE Gallery has selected the two pieces from the CREA collection, created by our designer Victor Pinto, as an example of our commitment to craftsmanship, design and sustainability, producing high quality and durable furniture. One of the sideboards will be visible from the street in the cube-showcase designed by MUDAT STUDIO.

Megamobiliario accompanies the work of artists such as Ana Docavo, Karla Solano, Luz Moreno Pinart, María Tena Torres, Mario Valdés and Mapi Gómez, who use art to raise awareness, regenerate, alleviate and contribute to a better future.

Don't miss this exhibition because...

  • It is ART with a message: you will enjoy works by artists who use their talent to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment.

  • It showcases Valencian design and craftsmanship, you will be able to see up close the furniture of Megamobiliario, the fusion between tradition and innovation, the quality of the materials and finishes and its artisan value, recognised with the Valencian Region Craftsmanship Award 2023.

  • For its reflection on a greener future, showing Megamobiliario's commitment to sustainability in the production of high quality furniture.

foto aparador CREA - MEGA

The exhibition "Natura, towards a greener future" is one of the activities carried out in the framework of Valencia European Green Capital. It presents a new way of seeing, understanding and feeling the planet. Its aim is that, through the works on display, we value what is close to us, that we feel that we are part of the environment and that, in short, we are aware that the future and our life on the Planet depend on our actions.

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