December 5 2023

We are very happy to inform you that we have been awarded with the Premio Artesanía de la Comunitat Valenciana 2023, the most important category of this annual call of the Crafts Centre.


We have collected the award from the hands of the Councillor for Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism, Nuria Montes, and the General Director of Trade, Crafts and Consumer Affairs, Maribel Sáez, together with Miquel Clemades, Managing Director of the Crafts Centre.

The CREA sideboard has been the piece that has made us finally bring home the most coveted prize, to share it with the whole team, especially with our designer and head of the CREA collection, Víctor Pinto, and with the founders of Megamobiliario, Francisco García and Vicenta Muñoz. They laid the foundations and are the big winners.


This award makes us very happy because it recognises the effort and work of a family that has consolidated a business trajectory of more than 40 years dedicated to the manufacture of handcrafted furniture, always maintaining our principles: to offer products of great quality, design, expertise and with a vocation to be durable over time.

In these more than 43 years we have overcome economic crises, the transition to a second generation, ups and downs in the sector... and we have achieved this with a careful, handcrafted, high quality production and with a great capacity to continue being present in the market and to open new marketing channels, as recognised by the Valencian Region Crafts Award.

This award is added to the recognition as one of the leaders of RETAIL future, which we received recently. We are very pleased that they have highlighted our efforts in digital transformation in the craft sector, our flexibility and our ability to adapt to market changes. Without a doubt, 2023 is a year that we will remember fondly for a long time.

Our thanks to the Jury for having valued our dedication and professionalism, to the Valencia Region Crafts Centre for its important role in promoting craftsmanship in our region and to the Valencia Chamber of Commerce, the Valencia Region Wood and Furniture Business Federation and the National Furniture Association for supporting us in our submission for this award.

And our congratulations to the craftsmen and craftswomen of the Valencian Community, finalists and winners, especially to:

  • Irene Molina Pascual, winner of the Tradition Award.

  • Regina Degiorgis Jiménez, winner of the Vanguard Award.

  • Candela Blasco Caño, from Candela en Rama, winner of the Image Award.

  • María Pilar Viedma Gil de Vergara, winner of the New Talent Award.

  • Elisabet Moreno, winner of the Artisan Woman Award.

The high quality of the works presented augurs a great future for craftsmanship in our community.

You can see all the works presented in the temporary exhibition hall of the Centro de Artesanía, including our CREA sideboard, which has been awarded this Prize and the CREA collection table, finalist in the Vanguard category.

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